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After that 15 hours : The Uninvited Guest.

 Chapter 1 :  The Uninvited Guest.  

"I am Ashish. Your name? ". He asked me as he possessed the seat inverse to me. I answered with a grin and a "distracted" look. He was by all accounts an attractive fellow, around 6 ft tall, slim and fair enough. He wore a Blue shirt on which a written work says "1889" at the right midsection. I was contemplating the opportunity I had recently missed. 'Hard Luckiness! ', I thought as I raise my hand to shake with his. After a couple of seconds of quiet, he 'broke the ice' by asking my local emulated by various inquiries, and that was the start of an Extraordinary day of my life.

It was a Friday night of June. 13-June 2014. I cleared out my office around 1 o check in the twelve despite the fact that my office time was till 8 in the night. 

"Manager, I have to leave at 1 PM. Train is at 3.15. I came early today " I told my manager. Everything was fine there in the workplace. I finished my work  and left the ODC at 1 PM. Considering the 
traffic ,it will take almost 2 hours to achieve central station. I waited in the bus stop.No buses. 'I could have leave at 12.30', I thought. My waiting lasts around 5 minutes and finally it comes to an end as I saw a distant image of a bus at the far end. First bus came in the bus stop was an AC bus. Usually, an Ac bus can never 
ever make any temptation in me. But now, the situation is different. I have to reach the station within 2 hours plus, its one o clock in the noon now. Chennai is burning. I felt as Chennai is more closer to Sun than any other place in the globe.  

“One Central “. I said as I gave cash for the bus ticket. With God's grace, I reached the station around 2.30. I approached the Help desk to know the status of my ticket which was in waiting list when I booked it two months ago. “RAC. S3-39” The lady sitting in the help desk told me. “Still RAC!“ I whispered. Since I didn't Have any other option I walked towards the platform 5. I stepped into the train and occupied my seat. I gazed around. I wondered whether this ticket will get confirmed or not. A group of people entered with their huge Bags and baskets.I adjusted myself in order to make them easy to carry their bags. One person came and stared at me. “What? Am I doing any free live show here? “ I Asked myself and gave him back a strange look. He kept his bag on the upper berth and moved away.

3:10 PM

I looked around , A family is perched on the seat beside me. Inverse to that seat possessed by a man in his initial forties, a ladies in her late twenties and a youthful young lady around 23-24 years . I opened my sack and took one book from it, however I couldn't turn any single page. My thoughts were about the individual who is going to share RAC seat with me. 'Last time it was a young lady and she exited the seat quickly in the wake of seeing a boy in the opposite seat . TTRs are constantly kind towards young ladies. They can even discover a full compartment for a girl having RAC ticket. How these girls can foresee a boy's character at the 
first sight. Last time she were shouting to the TTR to get an other seat for her. 'Idiotic girl!.'.My thoughts wandered over number of sequence of incidents happened during my last journey.

" Is this your seat ?" .One consistent firm male voice brought back me to this present reality. 

" Definitely" I answered. A young person in his mid twenties is remaining before me. I provided for him a 'what you need' look. " 

'You in RAC. Right ?

'Yes. 39' 

'I have reservation in S7. Do you mind to exchange the seats once the checking from the TTR is over .' He asked 

I dint get the response to answer. A boy having a confirmed seat is asking to swap my seat with him. 'Was it truly what he needed to ask or did I get it wrong' I thought as I provided for him a confounded look. 

" My friend is in this compartment. She needs me to be with her. You alright ?. Please.." He comprehended my confounded look and clarified me everything in one sentence as he pointed towards the young lady sitting in my adjoining seat.

The statement 'She " in his answer was sufficient for me to comprehend his choice totally. Sometimes Not big essays but a single word is enough to explain a big complex concept.I looked at her. Her face seems like she doesn't like his presence. She gave him an uncomfortable look. Nothing changed his decision.

" Hmm. I am al right. I will move once TTR checked my Ticket." I said. 

" al right .Much appreciated." he said. 

He remained there as a symbol of a huge number of young men who will give up anything for young ladies. 

3.25 PM

Its moving now. The train. Trivandrum mail began its 15 hour venture. Individuals inside the compartment are occupied in setting their packs some place. Each one making commotions. Some individuals waving their hands towards individuals remaining on the platform. Individuals began possessing their seats.My RAC partner found herself a seat on the lengthy berth right to mine. . I opened one book and tried my best to read it. I spent my next one hour by reading James Patterson’s  'The Cross'. Every time I finished one page, I gave her a look. She was pretty enough to make me finish every page as fast as possible.

" I will come once TTR completes his errand " He said and left. My satisfaction didn't last much. Here comes the second young lady, with whom I expected to share my seat. At the first minute itself,my solid choice to trade the seat turned into tentative. 

'Dude, you can sleep for the rest of your life. But this opportunity won't come again.' Someone told me from my mind. 'But you gave him your word. How can you change it Now' The real me replied to my mind. Finally, I decided to stay quiet till TTR comes. My mind is in a 50-50 condition. May be 60-40. 60 towards sleep and 40 towards the Girl. I planed to make a clever move in front of TTR, which might prevent me from exchanging his seat with mine. I practised the sentences which I should say to TTR. I Waited for the officer to come.

4:10 PM

TTR came and asked me my ID card. I gave my Id card. He looked at my name against his list. I began in a delicate voice, " Sir, really I am wanting to change my seat with him" indicating him " He is a friend of mine. Will that be an al right for you?,Mine is RAC and he will get down ahead of me .Is that a problem ? ”.I said the last two sentences little louder with a specific end goal to remind him that my seat is RAC. I needed him to stay against our choice. Fortunately he did.

" Rules won't permit that. Your seat is RAC and his reservation is just till Ernakulam. Your spot is Thiruvalla, right?. It will be an issue"  He said as he rubbed his cheek. 

I provided for him a self-reproachful look. He acted rapidly. " Sir . I needed to be in this compartment. My companions are here." He said. 

"Rules are not to change as you like.What if a person reserved your seat from Ernakulam to Trivanrum. Where will he sit“. The TTR seems genuine.
After a few minutes of silence he said “ Any way, Let me see “. 

He next moved towards my RAC accomplice and asked same, She provided for him her ID card and said " Sir ,mine is RAC. Might you be able to arrange me an alternate seat ? ". Her demand appears to be fine to me. " Its preferable to discover an alternate seat over sitting with a boy. particularly when the journey is around 15 hours. At least she didn't shout like that past young lady.' 

" There is one seat accessible in S2. At the same time three individuals asked me as of now." He answered as he confirmed her ticket. After a couple of seconds of  stop, he turned towards us, smiling but serious face. 
 He asked him." This woman require one seat. Would you be able to trade with hers. You both can sit together, right ". He said.

Our boy gave me a confused look. I understood the meaning of the look. “ But we already agreed to...” he tried to explain himself and failed to complete his sentence.
“ You both are boys. Its a lady here. If you are OK with that, I can arrange her that seat.” TTR said.The boy looked at me, TTR looking at him. Our girl looking at three of us. Then all three of them started looking at me. I nodded with a confused face which they interpreted as the green signal. I smiled. So does our boy ,TTR and the girl. Like a series of bulbs glows in sequential order.She gathered her sacks and got prepared to move from the compartment. Shockingly she said a bye to me. The first and last word she said to me. She is gone.

"I am Ashish. Your name? ". He asked me as he possessed the seat inverse to me. I answered with a grin and a "distracted" look. He was by all accounts an attractive fellow, around 6 ft tall, slim and far enough. He wore a Blue shirt on which a written work says "1889" at the right midsection. I was contemplating the opportunity I had recently missed. 'Hard Luckiness! ', I thought as I raise my hand to shake with his. And that was how I met Ashish. Ashish and I discussed our jobs,natives,salary..every conceivable themes that appears to be fine between to outsiders.

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