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After that 15 hours : The Unforgeable days

  Chapter 3 : The Unforgeable days

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Shahid didnt have anything to say, He was resting till seconds prior. He didn't realize what the inquiry was. That was a wonderful day for Shahid. He got whatever he deserved.
Toward the end of the class, I ran towards Susan. I needed to say a sorry to her. But something unexpected happened just before I arrived at her. It was Kamalesh. He was such a decent individual who can even make a cheerful individual into a miserable grouchy exhausted individual. His Spiked tan shaded hair with thick surrounded enormous dark specs provided for him an appearance of the most freaky individual of the college. But   he never freaked out. Sitting in the first bench,always taking notes ,continually asking doubts.... " the man with lot of questions.". That is what we used to call him. Such a boring person he was.

" Ey bro. Do you recognize what is the distinction between 4 stroke and two stroke ?". He asked me as he remained in the middle of Suasn and me.

" I don't know man. " I said in hustle.

" Man its simply the starting. If we cant answer a question now,It will be difficult for us to move forward. " .He said with a tensed face.

I was not in any way in a mind-set to hear him out. I attempted to dodge him. Yet nothing succeeded. I caught infront of him. Kamalesh the incredible trapped me.
I composed a message as I walked back to hostel.

“ I'm sorry Susan. They are trying to tease me. Please dont take it serious.”

I dint get her answer. I arrived at hostel, still no answer. My mobile beeped thrice. All the time I opened my in box expecting her message. Yet none of them were from her. I cleared out my phone there and set off for college ground. I usually have the habit of playing football with my companions. After two hours, I reached my room.

I dint bother to remove my drenched shirt or foul smelling sox. I took my phone. To my surprise no message were there.

That made me truly furious. "She could have answer it. Positive or negetive. She could have answer. This is bullshit". I thought.

I send her a message again. “ Susan. Please reply. I am sorry.ok... Please. “

Nothing went good for me. Still no reply. Then I called her. No answer. Called again. No asnwer. Sadness turned to angry.

 At least reply Susan”. I sent her again.

With that I quit attempting. At the same time my condition was awful that day. I never experienced much of sorrows throughout my life. I was cheerful for the duration of my life. So I realized that even a little battle can exacerbate me. I took telephone to call her once more. Yet my Ego didn't permit me to do so. I investigated my telephone. Its 8:30 now. Its getting late. "Need to have food". I thought as I stood up from my chair. I took my towel and a spare of dress and strove for a shower.

Kamalsesh is singing an English tune from the next restroom. His singing almost made me to hate all the musicians. " Useless gentleman". I said however in a low voice.

I completed my shower and got prepared to have my food. I called my roomamtes and with them I arrived at mess. We sat in a work area at the corner side of the chaos corridor. Everybody is talking, giggling, teasing..but I didn't feel to do so. "Susan.. you made me dismal. ". There came Kamalesh the incredible. "Today is the most exceedingly bad day of ma college life." I thought as I provided for him a chilly welcome grin.

“ What is the answer bro. That two stroke and four stroke” . He asked.

“Go and ask your dad you Fu****”. I wanted to say.But it was Shahal who gave him the answer. They discussed something and I was compleetly out of my mind.

We finished our meals and reached our room back around 9:45. Kamalesh made as to finish our food as fast as possible.When I opened my phone next time, One message from Susan was there in it. I opened her message and read it.

                            “Don't be sorry. I'm ok now :p :p
Me: “ Y didnt you reply. Wher were you????? “.
Susan: I didnt go nywhere. I saw ur messages. :P“.
Me: “Oh.U saw my messages. Den y didnt u message?
Susan; “Actually I almost send the reply for the first message. But then I decided not to      
Me:  “ Why
Susan took sooner or later to answer. I send the same message once more, requesting the explanation behind her odd choice. She took 5 minutes to answer me.

“  I was happy to see each of your messages. I kept quiet because I wanted you to send more message. Person I like is bothering about me. Its a good thing to watch. I simply like to feel your love upon me”

I read the message over and over. It was compleetly an amazement for me. I pressed the reply button and put a few smiley's. Anyhow didn't send. I was befuddled about how the answer ought to be. Should answer with a few smiley's or argue with her for what she did. My mind composed different types of messages. But none came in action. At that point came her next message about the things happened in the morning.She said me not to worry about the things happened earlier.I felt a big relief.

"Susan Jose.. you are wonderful.". I said myself. We kept on messaing till 12 in the night.

And that was how I met Susan jose. We were enjoying our friendship those days.One thing we both had in common was we both loved each other verymuch. It didnt take much time for me realize the fact that  she is the one I actually wanted to live with. I knew that she liked me a lot. But I wanted her to say it again and again. She did

that for me. But with an extra word. “ I like you as a good friend”. That was the sentence she used to tell me. I dont know the reason why Susan always ends that sentence like that. “ Whats wrong in saying“I live you” to her dearest friend. Why is she always remembering me that she loves me as her friend. No need to mention that always.Clever Susan never wanted me to consder her as my girl friend. That was the reason behind the sentence. It was a tactical move.

It was easy for me to find time to spend with Susan even in busy day. We talked in between classes, while walking back to hostel, during free hours. We didnt have anything to say . But we never stopped the night calling or messaging. I was sitting with Susan in a bakery when our first year result came. Susan Jose opened the pdf file from her phone and checked our result. Fortunately, Resault made me happy and it affected her very badly. I tried to consolidate her. But she didnt bother to listen me. Her face became red in colour. I looked around. Even an outsider can easily understand whats going on there. I dont know where !. There he came, Kamalesh the great. He didnt need an explanation to fetch the situation. He was extremly happy about the result. Its easy to consolidate a failed person when you succeeded in it.

So kamlesh tried to talk to Susan.

"Its ok Sussss.. We can write the papers again in the next sem.”. He said.

“What he meant by calling her Sussss..Why are you making a small name into a complex one ”. I wanted to ask, but didnt ask. Susan didnt reply. So kamalesh started asking about the subjects she failed.

“No supplies for me Kamalesh..” .she replied.

“Then what is your problem? .He asked.“Whats your GPA?”
I could see his reaction to her response. HE stared at her. His eyes almost bulged out from the hole.

Then what is the matter. Is that not enough for you ?”. Kamalesh fired.
 Then it was me who replied to him.

" Actually, ..the problem is..I lost four papers.Not She. Ehh..That is why she is sad..”

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