Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What AC Milan Missing This Year

Seven times champions of Europe are currently trying hard to ensure their  spot in top five of league table which is currently seems to be overly hard. They have to acquire all the remaining matches if they want to meet in Europe next season, provided others result must help Milan. Their recent performance says there next Year's Europe dreams are almost over.

They tapped out of this year's champions league as they ran out to win over Atletico Madrid last day.

There was a time when every team scared of AC Milan,  but at present the remaining matter is its name itself. If we look at their recent performance in and out of Italy, Anyone could well see that this team is not yet comparable to the team once it was. They are seriously missing something right away

Italian teams were famously known for their defensive play. but Milan's problems originate at the defense itself.They don't have a world class center back. Rami Is good, but he failed to perform consistently. The first thing Milan needs to do is to get a world class defender to their group. the number of goals they have conceded This season, says the necessity of a world class defender.considering the full back options they have,De sciglio is of course an upcoming player and right back position is safe in him,but they need someone in the other side too.Emanuelson is not bad.But Milan wants a left back who can make more prospects without leaving more spaces in the defense. a player equally good at both attack and Defense.

The second problem is in the heart itself. midfielder, they desperately need a play maker. Montolivo is capable of playing as defensive mid, but they need one more play maker To lead from the center. As per the Milan's formation they need two central midfielders. one position is safe in montolivo's hand but they need to find a better option for the Second slot. montolivo and De jong together is not effective.Their recent purchase Essien is not at all an option for that situation.So they need to buy a good play maker.One who is good at both defense and creating chances, one Who controls the game as Ture Yaya, Gerrard, Xabi Alonso doing for their team.

As per the offensive department is concerned, return of El Shaarawy will fix most of the troubles.Techniques of balo,taarabt and El Shaarawy along with the vision and Scoring skills of kaka are enough to fight against any team.

But football is all about team work, it is not necessary to win if you have good players in your squad.
Team work is what exactly lacking from Milan's game now. they need to play as a team. They need to play by holding the basics.They have to improve their passing to find More chances of goals.And they urgently need to make some chances in their squads.