Saturday, March 15, 2014


It was an exam day I saw her. One white fair girl who was taking the air in front of me as she looks into her notebook. Her expression appeared to be so tensed. Though it was just enough to make me see her continuously.
My college life was so much memorable like any other student. I relished every ups and downs it gave me. There are some deplorable things, some good things and few best Things as well. Series Exams were nothing but a time pass for me. That particular day I came little earlier to the exam hall.Not because I was thus keen to write the exam But I dint have anything to do in my hostel, and I don't smoke to melt off the pressure of examinations. So I decided to take a walk. I got to college and simply did Something.

After looking into my exam hall number, I hit the corridor close to my exam hall. My eyes were looking for someone from my class so that I could learn something from asking them,But I didn't get anyone. So I was simply drifting around the classroom and a little after I found a seat for myself near to the steps.I saw each person coming through  the stairs.Most of them were so engaged with their studies. suddenly I saw one face that was quite good  to impress me. Thither she was, a cute, good looking White girl walking towards my direction by reading her notebook.I have seen a  lot of girls before, but this was something 'new' to spend those precious 'last Minutes before the exam' by looking at her.But after she turned over the corridor, she looked round for her classmates to substantiate  whether the room she reached is right one or not.Then she found a felicitous, 'comparatively silent' place for her and commenced reading again.

I was visually examining her closely and at the same time i wondered why i could not  study like she is doing.She hasn't tied her hair right. The cause might be the exam. While She reads the book, her short hair was hanging in her face, which earns her more pretty.

Her presence caused me perform some unwanted show off (like walking near to her, speaking aloud, pretending to be a 'cool person' who does not even hold a notebook in the exam day, etc ).My intention was to capture her attention. but she not even noticed me. Nothing great happened that day except  one more bad exam   gets added to  my list.I did what i could ,to find her after the exam.but i didn't find her.

I was guessing around her while I ambulating back to the hostel.Her tensed face made me think about her an abundance of times. The one vital information I Amassed from that exam incident was about her branch. I visually perceived some of my hostel mates Talking with her that day. So I did a guess about her branch and that was right. So I commenced Making new friends from civil department and started probing her name among my civil friends.I tried to describe her in my own words like 'small eyes','tall enough', etc., but that wasn't enough For them to identify her from 70 -80 girls of whole civil department. Of course I can't incorporate Them, every one was behind some other single targets. so no one took my request in solemn. But that was not a reason for me to quit from the mission.

I continued my works in my own ways. most of my efforts were failures. conspicuously! You can't facilely identify a girl from a college of more than 2300 students. In my case I dint have a single detail of the person I wanted to know about, Plus the label of a first year student made the things more arduous. then too, I strived even though the results were negative. I reiterate the same process in the next exam days as well,but I couldn't find her.

But trust me.our efforts comes true one day. the day was a nebulous afternoon, My friends and I were standing near to an ATM machine proximate to my college. we were hashing out about something, but I was silently thinking about the current on going class which we skipped from. one of our friend made us to skip the class because he wasn't in an earnest mood to sit in the class. initially I wasn't delighted about his decision because I had already lost some attendance because of my 'interests' in lectures. But now I have to verbalize thanks to him. because that was the second time I have seen her.

while we were talking with each other, through the gap between friends standing in front of me, I realized the girl I'm probing is getting towards our way.I don't know what she is doing here in this class time.Did she skip the class like we did.?  Whatever it may be, she is coming towards our direction. Since it was in an unexpected time ,i felt as i'm facing an elimination round of a malayalam 'reality-show'.She was in a black T-shirt and jeans which makes me consider whether she belonged to a kung-fu class or something.

i got exhilarated in front of ma fiends and they coughed purposefully when she was more closer.'MARIYA'!( name is not right one).. one of my friend said her name aloud.He recognized her name. He was likewise a 'researcher' like me,more efficient than me of course. what ever it may be, I got her name. one more step closer now I am. 'MARIYA' ...'MARIYA'..,i repeated the name again and again in my mind.
                                                                                                                          (to be contd..)

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