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Since all this went on in real life,not in the movie, it got a great deal of time.Approximately one year, that Is my first year of graduation. I couldn't do anything outstanding in the past one year. I wanted to talk with her but I didn't have the bravery to talk.It was time to change to the new second year hostel which is more 
minute than the old hostel.My room was on the first floor. I got one mechanical guy as my roommate.fortunaltely my adjacent room are of civil students.

From the second day itself,i commenced my spy work.i asked them about her.They agreed to help me but i didn't want her to know about me.So i requested them to keep the matter in safe.Everyday,my hobby was to ask them about her ,like 'her performance' ,native place, her approach to boys ,etc.i learnt everything they know about her,and they were so  adept at sharing their information too.

One night, they offered me her phone number and inspirited me to call her. Every boy like such things. They always relish to help in constructing these kinds of 'Bridges' in between girls and boys. My friends also did the same. But I wasn't bold enough to call her in the night. So I postponed the plan to call her, but I never 
called her.They compelled me agian .But i didn't.Then they started saying that old-famous dialogue "If I was there in your place, I would....... ". But those things were not a problem for me.i wanted to call her but I didn't.Simply didn't.But i did something incipient.

I planned to commence a facebook account,so that i can gradually get in touch with her through facebook.But the problem was, how she is going to accept my friend request without knowing me.? Especially a girl is not going to accept a Request unless it has  enough number of mutual friends or the person is familiar to her. so I was cerebrating to find a solution to fix that trouble. Finally i found a solution. it was simple. First step was to make a large number of friends.Once I carried through that job, there is a high probability to make a high number of mutual friends with her. Then in the second step, I can send her a request . At least by  examining the number of mutual friends, she may accept the request.

The plan was good. I decided to do that. I created a new account and i sat 3 hours in front of Facebook that day.I sent proximately 300 requests that day (most of them was two boys). within the next The few days I accomplished the first step. Most of them accepted my request. in an interval of 10 days I became a Facebook utilizer with around 250 friends. So the very next Saturday I took net connection and send her a request. sending request was tenser than guessing an answer on an entrance question with five options. I waited Minutes, hours for her reply. but nothing transpired that day.

Tomorrow morning I heated up earlier as I had to get to church.Just afore leaving the room, I did an expeditious check in my account and I saw one red symbol at the right top of my account which verbalizes that she has accepted that request.Two seconds I stood straight without knowing what to do further, and then I couldn't hold.
I looked around.I saw my roommate is enjoying his sleep in his bed.He was with me throughout the process.But now he is sleeping.How could he sleep without knowing his effort's result.I called him.No..No response.Called agian...Same result...No other option,I took my steel plate which i used to eat,and throw that towards his brain.Good throws.It hit where i wanted to hit.I received immediate results. I saw some unknown expression on his face as he removed his bed sheet from his face.He was looking at me without getting any conception about the perpetual incident.I told him the result,he nodded and exited back to sleep.I got back from church around 8am, i went through her profile.her photos,friend lists,etc.

I still can recall how I entered Into my classroom the next day.I arrived at the college around 8:50.Class was supposed to be at 9 am.But a few were there so far.they were sitting on the desks.I entered into the class with a 'closeup' smile and I Described everything transpired during past 2 days.They didn't asked anything but I pushed them to hear my success level.After that Incident, I practiced to take net connection so often,but I never ever noticed her as online.My intention was to get going with messaging but nothing was on my path.

As days pass by, My concerns over her decreased gradually. None of my circumstances give me a green signal.Those were the days second year students brought more freedom In the college, hence I became involved in several natural processes which draw me so busy and kept me off from her.Fun with friends, hostel life, football plays in the evenings, weekend cricket matches, it led me to another world. we became more closer with classmates, more good friends everything erase her image from my intellect. 

But for an action, there must be a reaction. I got an opportunity 14 months afterwards.I was in third year, when that takes place.
                                                                                                           ( to be contd..)

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